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For every jar of Twocan peanut butter purchased, we'll send you a picture to colour in.

Did you know that there are over forty types of toucan! Our “Twocan” toucans are toko toucans which can be found in the jungles of Central and South America. There are lots of toucans in Argentina where (some of) our peanuts come from! Toko toucans live in small flocks (five to six birds) and they can live up to twenty years. 

Toucans have an amazing, colourful bill! It’s big, but very light – it has a “honeycomb” like structure and is made out of a protein called keratin (human hair is made out of keratin, too!) Toucans can’t sweat, so these amazing bills helps them keep cool in their hot habitats.

A toucan’s bill is too light and fragile for digging or fighting, so toucans use them to pick fruit and insects, rodents and sometimes other bird’s eggs!