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Twocan is different from your usual ‘craft’ company. We keep it simple and delicious. We stick to what we know and let our peanut butter do the talking.

We are a family owned New Zealand business that started out in 2016 from our Wellington home with a bag of roasted peanuts and a kitchen blender. We know there are some great spreads available… but we figured we could do better.

Our friends and family were our first customers and much to their surprise, the PB was actually GOOD! Eventually, our small kitchen blender could not keep up with your Twocan demand (it literally blew up) - so we had to expand.

Twocan peanut butter is made from Argentinian peanuts, and it is the only peanut butter in New Zealand that is certified Gluten Free by Coeliac New Zealand, with no additives or preservatives.

We leave the peanut’s skins on in order to pack as much good stuff into the jar as we possibly can! This means we have a uniquely authentic taste - we are earthy, peanuty and DELICIOUS - just the way mother nature intended!

So here we are, a father and daughter business that continues to satisfy the mouths of our fellow PB lovers... well satisfied at least until the next jar is empty.