Here at Twocan we LOVE our peanut butter! We make freshly roasted, double ground wholesome peanut butter in Wellington, New Zealand.

Why the name Twocan? Well, it’s simple, we love peanut butter and we love toucans! What could be better than one toucan? Two of them! So the name was hatched and we are now open for business!

We started to make our own peanut butter in 2016 from our home in Wellington, New Zealand. First, we shared it with our family and friends, and they loved it too! They began to share it with their family and friends and we eventually got so many requests, that we decided it was time to share it with… you!  We now make our peanut butter in a commercial kitchen in Wellington!

We believe you shouldn’t have to break the bank for something as simple, delicious and wholesome as peanut butter, so our aim is to make the best peanut butter we can, at an affordable price for everyone.



At Twocan we like to keep things simple — we offer Crunchy and Smooth peanut butter, with or without manuka honey. We ship to anywhere in New Zealand. For international orders, just ask! 

Twocan peanut butter is made in New Zealand using peanuts from Australia and Argentina. We slowly roast the raw peanuts, then double grind them (keeping the skins on for extra fibre and goodness) to get that rich consistency we all want from a perfectly delicious peanut butter. 

We add only the simplest ingredients — rich and tasty manuka honey, and beautiful flaky sea salt from the South Island of New Zealand. That’s it! No additives you don’t need. Just simple, delicious peanut butter, made with love, by Twocan.



Kid's Club

For every jar of Twocan peanut butter purchased, we'll send you a picture to colour in.

Did you know that there are over forty types of toucan! Our “Twocan” toucans are toko toucans which can be found in the jungles of Central and South America. There are lots of toucans in Argentina where (some of) our peanuts come from! Toko toucans live in small flocks (five to six birds) and they can live up to twenty years. 

Toucans have an amazing, colourful bill! It’s big, but very light – it has a “honeycomb” like structure and is made out of a protein called keratin (human hair is made out of keratin, too!) Toucans can’t sweat, so these amazing bills helps them keep cool in their hot habitats.

A toucan’s bill is too light and fragile for digging or fighting, so toucans use them to pick fruit and insects, rodents and sometimes other bird’s eggs! 



Please feel free to get in touch with any questions, wholesale orders, international orders or just to chat about peanut butter!

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